Creativity and dynamism are the strong points of the company founded in 1966 by Giorgio Gandellini and Anna Lari, two people who decided to share life, passions, ideas, dreams.

The birth of Giada and Ambra, the so longed doughters, inspired the production lines which where followed by many others… Originality, purity of shapes, careful color and finisching selection: this is what the whole collection is about.

Giorgio and Anna with the help of Giada and Ambra and other talented assistants, are, today, a designers/manufacturers family. They are the key figures in a real workshop where they design, make and market their products to the finest stores in Italy and all over the world. Today Anna Lari lamps and decorative objects, with their essential shapes and minimalist lines, respond to the current design trends which demand careful research of colours and the materials: brass, iron, aluminium, copper, Plexiglass and glass.

They try to make the most of the technical and aesthetic potential of the metal and invent new antique finishes (rusted iron, acidic black and scolded brass) without negltecting the modern and shiny finishes such as chrome, steel, gold and silver. Each piece is finished with the passion and the skills of a real craftsman and becomes a unique product with no concession to mass production.